Why choose Senturi for 3D Printing?

If you are looking for a manufacturing process that is fast, flexible, and cost-effective, then 3D printing is a great option. It can help you to bring your products to market faster, create custom parts and products, and save money on manufacturing costs.

At Senturi, we offer high quality printing services and unparalleled customer service. With rigorous quality control process in place, we ensure that your parts meet your specifications.

Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive 3D printing solution for your part or product, no matter its simplicity or complexity. Our dedicated team is at your service, fully aware that each project is unique. Therefore, we utilize a range of cutting-edge technologies, including PolyJet, FDM, SLS, MJF, as well as a selection of advanced and stable printing materials to meet all your printing needs.

Our dedicated team of engineers can take your ideas from concept to reality, no matter how bold or complex they may be. Our 3D printing services are designed to provide end-to-end solutions for your entire product development process. 


QSY Aluminum Alloy ALSI10mg
QSY Titanium Alloy Ti6Al4V
QSY Mold Steel 18Ni300
QSY Stainless Steel 316L 

Check out parts made of various materials in our parts gallery.

Selective Laser Sintering

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is an advanced technique that utilizes a laser as a power source to sinter powdered materials, transforming them into solid shapes. Our SLS service excels at creating high-precision, intricate parts with no requirement for additional support structures. The resulting SLS printed parts boast exceptional mechanical properties and durability, making them an ideal choice for functional prototyping and end-use production applications. Experience the reliability and versatility of our SLS technology for your manufacturing needs. 


Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing is one of the earliest commercialized 3D printing technologies and also one of the most commonly used techniques. It uses ultraviolet light to irradiate liquid photosensitive resin, causing a polymerization reaction, and forms the three-dimensional solid shape by layer-by-layer solidification. Since the raw material is in liquid form, support structures are required during printing, which are manually removed after printing is completed. 

Fused Deposition Modeling

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is a well-established 3D printing technique known for its ability to rapidly produce robust and functional parts and prototypes. By utilizing a range of durable thermoplastic materials, our FDM services can efficiently create high-strength components that meet your specific requirements in just a matter of hours. 

Multi Jet Fusion

Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) is a cutting-edge 3D printing technology recognized for its remarkable speed and efficiency. Through our MJF service, you can create large quantities of high-precision parts in a remarkably short timeframe. Moreover, MJF printed parts boast smooth surfaces and sharp details without requiring additional post-processing, making them perfect for end-use production purposes. Experience the seamless combination of speed and quality with our MJF 3D printing service. 

SLM Metal Laser Sintering Technology

SLM Metal Laser Sintering Technology is an industrial-grade metal 3D printing technique that fuses metal powder together, layer by layer, to create a range of metal parts. This process allows for the creation of highly complex shapes, which are nearly impossible to achieve using traditional manufacturing methods

Post processing Services:

Coating the surface of the parts with paint can enhance their aesthetics and provide brand recognition for consumers. Additionally, painting may offer protection to the parts. 

It smoothens the surface of the parts and gives them a rough texture, which allows for further surface treatments. It is mainly used in the visual field. 


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